Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy comes in many forms and is specific to the individual. It emphasizes on the careful observation and measurement of behaviors of interest, and the environmental factors that affect the behaviors. It focuses on explaining behaviors in terms of external events that can be manipulated rather than internal constructs that are beyond our control. It is not simply about reducing unwanted behaviors or actions such as aggressive and self-injurious behaviors, oppositional and disruptive behaviors, sexual inappropriateness, and stereotyped behaviors, but is also about the way we teach and implement the new adaptive behaviors as well. It is also effective in teaching a variety of skills such as academics, social skills, communication, eating, toileting, dressing, personal self-care, domestic skills, food preparation, money and value, home and community orientation, work skills.

Our Behavioral Analyst will sit down with you to discuss any and all concerns that you may have and strategize any goals that you see your child succeeding. Together a plan will be designed that is aimed towards achieving those goals. Our staff will give your child the support they deserve to learn the everyday skills that are needed to have a full and meaningful life.